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The ‘Pharmasyn’ project and the ‘Network Contract’ for a ‘Family of services’ will both be topics on the agenda – The board of directors and technical Committee met at the Minerva Auditorium in Bastia Umbra

It was an important opportunity for discussion between municipal pharmacies in the region, with the meeting of the board of directors and technical Committee of Assofarm Umbria. The Minerva Auditorium of S&R farmaceutici hosted the event, confirming the venue’s vocation as a multifunction facility designed to host events, conventions and company meetings, dedicated not only to medical-scientific training but also to interaction with exponents of the national healthcare system.

The meeting saw the participation of representatives of the municipal pharmacies of Perugia, Terni, Bastia Umbra, Foligno, Spoleto, Gualdo Tadino, Città di Castello and Cannara (Umbertide and Todi delegated) in addition to Luca Pieri and Roberto Rava, vice-presidents of national Assofarm, Virgilio Puletti, political coordinator of Assofarm Umbria and president of Afas Perugia, and Antonio Tabascio, member of the technical coordination team of Assofarm Umbria.

The chairman of S&R farmaceutici Romolo Rossi had the honour of opening the meeting, along with the General Manager, Lucio Leonardi. Mr. Leonardi explained how “Since 2016, the year of its inauguration, the Minerva auditorium has headed dozens of events and hosted illustrious specialists in the fields of gynaecology, obstetrics and urology. We are interested in all-round discussion with the healthcare system. Today there are municipal pharmacies, then we’ll meet with private ones, specialist doctors, trade associations, cooperatives and workers”.

The agenda includes a number of items, from the “Pharmasyn project- for Umbria’s services pharmacies’, to the possibility of formalising a ‘Network Contract between Assofarm member pharmacies. Tabascio declared how “Pharmasyn has been created above all to forge a common identity for Umbria’s public pharmacies. There are over 50 member pharmacies out of a total of 250 in the region and until now what has been lacking is a common project. The idea is to develop a computerised platform that will always be updated with a map of services provided by different stores, scheduled events and a blog for communicating with citizens”.

Pharmacies will also be able to use the ‘farmascambio’ service for exchanging medicines and products, making them available to other partners in exchange for products of the same price, for the more effective management of stock, thus reducing waste. Puletti declared how “Municipal pharmacies are intrinsically social and their spirit can be reinforced thanks to ‘cultural’ interaction at a regional and national level, with association members and private companies. The so-called ‘services pharmacy’ for example, with respect for the professional specificity of each category operating in the healthcare sector, can help to unblock the availability of stock and provide citizens with services in the neighbourhoods where they live.

This includes the provision of services like glycaemia, cholesterol and triglyceride tests, tests for the real time measurement of haemoglobin, glycated haemoglobin, creatinine, transaminase, haematocrit, the non-invasive measurement of arterial pressure, to name but a few.

Cerquiglini specified how “The network contract is a tool which enables municipal pharmacies to cooperate in the creation of common projects and goals, without affecting their autonomy, specificity and management in compliance with legislation in force. This contract aims to accelerate the implementation of the contents of the ‘Services Pharmacies’ project, based on the northern European model of ‘social pharmacies’: the citizen is at the centre of the new public pharmacy model: a legitimate holder of health and healthcare expectations with whom the pharmacy develops a relationship grounded in trust and social and healthcare assistance and not exclusively oriented towards retail.


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