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Bioinformatics Course 2016


Bioinformatics Course 2016


Dr. Bernard Fioretti together with his collaborator Dr. Francesco Ragonese participated in the course “Bioinformatics for everyone and everything: genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics” which took place in Udine from 28th June until 1st July 2016 at the University of Udine, organised by the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics and IGA Technology Services, a company specialised in genomic sequencing and transcriptomics.

The course provided an opportunity to build on basics so as to interpret and analyse complex data that can be obtained using new generation sequencing methodologies (NGS sequencing), in particular from “Illumina” platforms.

Participants also has the chance to visit the labs of IGA and gain first-hand experience of machinery, equipment and the bioinformatics centre used in the interpretation process of “NGS” sequencing.

Acquired knowledge will be useful for our Research and Development Group, enhancing knowledge of phenomena observed in our nanomedicine and bioinformatics projects, at a molecular and genetic level.

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