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NL|13 – 26 July 2016


NL|13 – 26 July 2016

Pharmaceutical training at the Temple of Minerva

The role of Communication in the Pharmaceutical industry remains the main source of information on pharmaceuticals in the medical sector.

It has always been driven by pharmaceutical representative, Congresses and publications. The main purpose of the latter is to raise awareness of scientific and clinical notions that are easy to apply in everyday life.
Communication with the public is driven by information leaflets, approved by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA). Patients are still having a tough time understanding them, translating Scientific concepts into a language suitable for the general public is difficult and despite extensive efforts to simplify them over the years, they remain challenging.
As regards communication in magazines and newspapers, Companies must comply with the rules of transparency, separating information from advertising, in this sense providing information linked to documented or documentable scientific findings. The internet has also become a pharmaceutical communication channel and Company websites must comply with relative regulations and legislation.
Educational campaigns are another important source of information and promote targeted messages for all healthcare and well-being professionals: Doctors, Pharmacists, Members of the General Public, for whom information is made clearer, insofar as there are no particular legal restrictions.

Hence the idea by S&R Farmaceutici to build the Temple of Minerva, which aims to improve and facilitate communication and training in the world of pharmaceuticals.
A place where everyone can receive health information that is understandable, with the elimination of critical issues that are present all too often, including information overload, overly scientific language and a lack of information from independent sources.
The opening of a Company’s doors to the outside World will further reinforce the Mission of S&R Farmaceutici, which will operate inside the Temple of Minerva with the entire scientific communication world: Company, Representatives, Doctors, Pharmacists, Patients, Schools and Universities.
Training will be useful for correct and transparent communication and improving Doctor-Patient relations, helping Healthcare workers to rediscover a more Humane approach that is all too often forgotten about through no fault of the patient.
The Temple of Minerva marks the beginning of a long educational path the Company has committed itself to in order to open the doors even to hardened sceptics, guaranteeing the utmost professionalism for its employees and professionals we interact with on a daily basis in our line of work, striving to bring all people closer to the world of Medicine and Research.

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