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NL|14 – 16 September 2016


NL|14 – 16 September 2016

The innovative results of
S&R Farmaceutici’s research

Barely a year from its début on the pharmaceutical market, S&R Farmaceutici is ready to launch 2 new and highly innovative products stemming from the work of its Research and Development Division.

Both formulations will enrich and diversify the treatment offering, which now also includes Cardiology. Both are characterised by the innovative exclusive element Revifast, a new form of resveratrol developed at our laboratories, at last enabling us to exploit the real pharmacological and health effects of this renowned polyphenol.

Innovation is the driving element of each technologically advanced sector and is especially important in the pharmaceutical world because it is at the service of people’s health and quality of life.

This is why S&R Farmaceutici has chosen to invest extensive resources into Research and Development, distinguishing itself as a new yet consolidated Italian Pharmaceuticals Company, capable of offering truly innovative solutions like Revifast, right from its inception.

Research and development are an essential human and scientific heritage at S&R and are the driving force behind our growth. Therefore the dedicated team is a fundamental asset for business, as shown in our offering, mostly consisting of products that have been internally developed.

Manifold ongoing and planned projects will enable us to continue developing our pipeline with studies that promise significant evolutions for the future of our Company, while also providing doctors and patients with new answers and opportunities. We strongly believe that it is still possible to pursue Research in Italy and our commitment in this sense is focused on the tireless search for answers to society’s needs, anticipating solutions and identifying new, effective and safe treatment options in order to improve the health of humans.

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