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NL|16 – 08 November 2016


NL|16 – 08 November 2016

not a disease but, ma 
a New Season!

Although Menopause marks the passage from one step in life to the next, in many women it triggers profound psychophysical malaise due to an irrational perception that it poses a sort of danger.

Today it is still viewed as a critical age, a period of transformation, causing a series of anxieties and fears, but unlike in previous times, we know that turning 50 now means we still have another 30 years to live. Years to fill with vitality, by continuing to seek out positive experiences, enriched with joyful events and new plans.

It is worth noting that around 30% of women going through Menopause do not experience any disorders or risk factors. On the contrary, they live this period almost like a “new season”, one that is even richer in stimulations, gratifications and freedom from obligations which previously tied them down to family, work or social commitments.

Statistics tend to make a cold mathematical calculation and apply it to all women; however, only a relationship grounded in trust and confidentiality between a doctor and individual women can enlighten the best way to tackle the menopause.

A doctor should first and foremost inform and provide reassurance as to changes brought on by the menopause, providing useful recommendations in terms of lifestyle and diet, orienting towards the selection of different treatments and therapies available, which may eliminate or alleviate most climateric symptoms or delay the onset of some disorders linked to Menopause, above all in order to improve quality of life.

However women, with their health, personal experiences, expectations and outlook on life, can take care of themselves if fully and correctly informed.

Therefore only women with an awareness of how Menopause is not an inescapable process of ageing but a “critical” period of change, can not just take care of themselves but “bring out the best in themselves“, living life to the full now and in the future.

“No other period in a woman’s existence provides greater opportunities for sourcing feminine strength, as long as the woman succeeds in finding her way through all the general cultural negativity that has surrounded the Menopause for centuries”

Cristiane Northrop, Medical Guide from woman to woman 2000

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